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Commercial / Industrial

Signal One Fire and Communication provides comprehensive fire safety solutions for commercial and industrial businesses around the world. Our unique combination of products and services allow our clients to create custom solutions designed to help protect their buildings, factories, equipment, properties and people on the job, out in the field and around the clock. Where safety is paramount, major industrial and commercial facilities worldwide rely on Signal One Fire & Communications.


Our alarm and suppression systems can be found in many hotels across the United States. With Signal One Fire and Communication multiple tailored solutions conveniently at hand, management can count on getting as good a night’s rest as their guests.

Call Centers

Businesses rely on customer service representatives to handle the big and small problems. A live human being on the other end of the phone can make the difference between a repeat customer and a lost sale. Help maintain your uptime by installing the right systems for protection of your critical needs. Don’t let a fire situation in an MDF/IDF Room, Computer Room, or Generator Room keep your customers in the dark. Systems commonly used are Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Incipient Fire Detection, Conventional Fire Detection, Pre-action Sprinkler, and Water Mist.

Health Care

Health Care applications can be very complexed and require special attention to detail to protect patients as well as staff. Healthcare facilities have many critical areas that must be maintained in constant operation. These include MRI’s , Operating Rooms, Data Centers, Generator Rooms, and UPS/Battery Rooms. Signal One can install and maintain commonly used systems such as Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Incipient Fire Detection, Conventional Fire Detection, Pre-action Sprinkler, and Water Mist, CCTV, card access.

Military and Government

Signal One Fire & Communications understands the importance of our military and government projects. As a contractor we strictly follow all ETL’s and any other specific military requirements.


Education facilities are supposed to be safe place for your family to learn and develop. With our fire protection systems you can rest knowing that your family will be protected. Many of our systems that can be found in education facilities are CCTV, Card Access, and Conventional Fire Detection.

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